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Do you provide shipping for kittens?

Yes, we provide shipping as following:
1) Car - FREE (up to 100-miles)
2) Plane - $250 to $300 (plus $50 fee for a cage) *
* Shipping by plane is available only for continental USA. Kitten must be paid in full and must be 4 months of age in order to be shipped.


What is hand deliver and how much it cost?

Hand deliver means that we will travel with your kitty and  hand deliver it to you (at your local airpoet). This price ranges from $350 to $500 depending on your state. 


Is it possible to see the kittens before purchase?

Yes! Always welcome (by appointment only).


Is deposit required?

We do recomend to give us a deposit in order to reserve your kitty. 


How do I send my deposit?

We accept all deposits via PayPal or Cash in the amount of $300 (deposit is not refundable).


Do kittens have vaccinations?

Yes, they have up to date vaccinations and deworming.


Do you sell breeding rights?

No! All kittens are sold as pets only.


What should I purchase for my kitten?

Health accessories:
1. Eye wash cleanser
2. Ear wash cleanser
3. Q-tips
4. Especial trimming scissors for cat claws
5. Cats shampoo
6. Cat vitamins

General accessories:
1. Litter box
2. Cat litter
3. Litter scoop
4. Dry food ("Science Diet" recommended)
5. Cans food ("Science Diet" recommended)
6. Water/Food bowl
7. Toys




 If you would to reserve a kitty but need more 
information please fill out the form on the rigth. You may also send us an email to or give us a call/text to (571) 436-9276
NOTE: Guys please make sure to type your email address correctly, we had some folks send us their information but unfortunately we couldn't get back to them. 


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